Linking Resources

We invite over 50 local service providers and community stakeholders to our event to reduce the burden of a Veteran trying to access this volume of services while also managing life while without stable housing. 


We hope to inspire a community-wide effort to reduce the stigma of homelessness and and help our Veterans feel welcome back home in their communities as they find their footing. 

Providing Needed Items

We talk to our participants and volunteers each year to continuing improving the items we purchase and collect to ensure maximum collective impact for the Veterans receiving them.
About us

We seek to continue the service of Wayne D. Horner continuing his legacy of no Veteran left behind.

Whether our volunteers are serving a meal, guiding a Veteran through the event, or simply exchanging a smile – we hope to make a difference.
How it works

What to expect at a Stand Down

Veterans seeking support from Stand Down – Madison can expect to be treated with dignity, respect, and kindness. We are a one-of-a-kind stand down that pairs our participants with a peer from the community to endure the day together and help promote connectedness. 


Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by our registration volunteers that will gather some basic information and orient you to the Stand Down event.

Meet your buddy

You will be paired up with a volunteer that is eager to help guide you through the event and get to know more of your story. This is a very unique part of our Stand Down and we want to promote connectedness. 

Enjoy a meal

Whenever you are hungry, please feel free to sit down for a meal and relax. Eat as much as you would like and converse with other Veterans and volunteers that find meaning in the day.

Browse service providers

We have all the area resource providers in one room on the same day to reduce the burden of attempting to get this level of support over a longer period of time.

Get a haircut

A Stand Down staple is the haircut station where several local barbers and stylists have offered their services without charge. 


Feel free to lean back and soak up the atmosphere of the event. We want you to stand down for the day and know we have you covered. 

Our Team

Our team consists of Veterans, community members, and organizations with the common goal of reducing the strain of Veteran homelessness and working to bring about positive change in the greater Madison area.
Angie Nickels – President
Angie Chesna – Vice President
Sheila Frye – Secretary
Ted Bendler – Treasurer
Jim Blankenheim – Executive Chef